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WellMagic compared to accounting software

WellMagic was designed to pick up where most accounting packages leave off.  Good accounting software is essential for a well-run business but it is not enough by itself.  Over-the-Counter accounting software commonly used in the ground water industry was designed for any business.  As such, it cannot begin to compare with a system set up specifically for your industry.  Take a look at this comparison of features between WellMagic and other accounting systems to see what you are missing without WellMagic.
Feature WellMagic QuickBooks/PeachTree/
Simply Accounting
Customer Management YES YES
Update Well/Property Ownership YES NO
Well Location Management
(Site Information)
Search by Location, Permit, etc. YES NO
Well Construction Details YES NO
Geology YES NO
Pump & Tank Information such as serial numbers, warranty, information, etc. YES NO
Print Compliance Reports such as completion reports or permits YES NO
Estimating YES YES
Work Orders YES NO
Well/Pump Maintenance Records YES NO
Track/Auto-schedule Maintenance YES NO
Invoicing YES YES
Statements YES YES
Calculate Finance Charges YES YES
Job Costing YES NO
Inventory Management YES YES
interface with Mapping Software YES NO
Schedule Jobs YES NO
Automatic Purchase Orders YES NO
Automatic Detailed Price Updating YES NO


While it is true there is some overlap between the two programs, it is not necessary to do redundant record keeping.  It is best to track the business in WellMagic, including the billing and inventory management, and let your accounting system do things it is best at: payroll, accounts payable, taxes, and other accounting functions.

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