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Inventory Management

WellMagic effortlessly manages all aspects of your inventory in the level of detail that suits your business.  This ranges from keeping a simple list of parts to the entire scope of purchasing and maintaining costs and selling prices.
Each part is created along with its attributes such as the preferred vendor (and what they know it as), storage location, reorder points and quantities, price multiplier (the factor of the selling price to the purchase price) and whether the part is ever taxable.

WellMagic will automatically create purchase orders based on stock levels (they can be manually adjusted).

As materials are received either by way of a purchase order or a single purchase, the cost history is modified and this becomes the basis for updating selling prices.

The entire inventory of part prices can be updated using each individual part's price multiplier instantly.  Most accounting programs allow an across-the-board change or prices must be changed one-at-a-time.

Doing a physical inventory count is a very simple process.


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