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Here is a small sampling of the comments that WellMagic users have offered:

Thank you for introducing me to Well Magic. Well Magic has enabled me to be more efficient by saving time and allowing me to keep my finger on my costs. After billing a job you can run job costing and see your amount of profit immediately. Or better yet run it for the week or month and know exactly where you are at any given time.

The Business Analyzer is the best addition of all, a convenient way to understand how pricing impacts your bottom line, and the amount of work that has to be done to get to a point financially. It allows me to create several different financial scenarios and see the effects as you can simply change the price of fuel or casing as and example to see how your price per foot of drilling will be affected.

Whenever you call Well Magic for support you are not getting someone overseas, instead you’re getting the person who developed this outstanding program, and will make changes to make it even greater.

As a former and long time KRS user, I only wish Well Magic had been around 20 years ago as it would have simplified my day to day business operations.

Schrader Well Drilling Inc

For someone who does not fully utilize WellMagic, I can wholeheartedly endorse this program: WellMagic by! IT IS MAGIC! As a Third-Generation Well Driller, I can easily see how it would make my life ideal. (As a Third-Generation Well Driller, I am too stubborn to make the time for it to make my life ideal! ;))

It is a NO-BRAINER that WellMagic is what EVERY WELL DRILLER should utilize for their business...for optimum efficiency and record-keeping. Yes, ya still have to draw the sketch...but are suddenly EVERY Health Department's HERO when a Well Completion Report is submitted! (The well location sketch is so immaterial...if that well head isn't OBVIOUS then the Mock-Rock should be, if that well is to code!)(Common sense anyone?)

Well Drillers are the most strong-willed, hard-working, stubborn, hard-headed, devoted individuals in any generational trade. Change is taboo!

But computers are here to stay!

(Sure do wish CT would get with 2011 and let me email completion reports!)(I've come to believe/know/realize that CT is not business friendly.)(not very homeowner friendly either!)

Enough of this - Thank You, Rick.

Where were you when I was eighteen and needed direction and motivation? Before I was despondent and tired? (long before computers, years before WM - that's where!)

I am honored to be a Well Magic client and I am grateful that you receive my emails and calls so promptly, professionally and seemingly willingly! (Adverbs anyone?)

Thanks again, talk to you on 15 April,

Lisa M.Findorak-Nachbar 203.943.2536 direct
John Findorak & Sons Inc.

I left the office early to celebrate our success in acquiring WellMagic. You can't begin to imagine how much it has simplified our work. ... Anyway, I'm happy with the program as is and the work orders are a big hit with my people. I know you're just doing your job, but you do it with such zeal and customer focus. This is rare and I must commend you for it.  

Bennet Akpa, Odiche Resources

"Rick has offered great customer support, he has been patient and professional during our five year partnership and he is willing to make changes to the product when I have seeked them.  He handled the transfer of data from our old system saving me time, energy and money."
Augie Guardino
Guardino Well Drilling, Inc.

PHONE: (386)752-1840

Due to the increased growth of our business it was apparent we needed a better record keeping system. So, it was important for us to embrace a system that would help ensure a fluid transition from days past to future technology. Knowing this, we reviewed several computer programs geared towards the water well industry. While the options were limited, the variations among the programs were vast. However, after reviewing your demo and discussing your system with you personally the decision was a simple one to make. Well Magic was well thought out and obviously orchestrated to the requirements of the water well industries.  Your knowledge of programming and of the water well industry was the perfect marriage for the creation of Well Magic. We have found Well Magic to be very user friendly, it has greatly reduced our data entry time, improved record retention and retrieval and increased productivity dramatically through the use of the scheduling feature. We particularly like the fact that you went a step further to customize Well Magic for us to include irrigation job details. In closing, Well Magic has been a great improvement to our business and I can’t imagine going so long without the program. After working with your system the program clearly sells itself. However, it was your experience and helpfulness that made the decision a "no brainer." I also appreciate the quick response time when I have questions regarding Well Magic. I really feel like you are vested in the improvement of Hughes Well Drilling & Pump Service, LLC.
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