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Estimating with WellMagic

Estimating is easy!  WellMagic is setup for maximum flexibility.  Each line item can have any number of variations based on materials or systems.  Moreover, prices for any item can be overridden.  Fill in the line items and you have an instant estimate.  If you wish to offer a range, any number of estimates can be generated for different scenarios.  Show me an estimate.

For even faster estimates, set up a standard estimate and it will be ready in less than a second.  With a standard estimate, all materials will be added in the quantities set in the one-time set up.  Any number of standard estimates are possible so create one for different combinations of drilling depths, pumps, tanks, etc.

WellMagic offers 100% flexibility on pricing.  Any product can have any number of prices which can be quoted at different times or for different circumstances. For example, drilling rates can vary by county or state.  Estimates can be stored indefinitely.  Even if there is a price change(s), the price in effect at the time of the estimate will be printed.

Customer Notes print on the estimate and work order.  Use this to say something about this estimate only.

Internal notes are notes that print only on the work order, ie they are the instructions on what to do.  This could be service call instructions or anything else the crew should see and the customer not.

To add a new product or to change a price, one has to only double-click in the drop-down box and add it.  It's that simple.

Estimates can be either printed out to fax or mail or be emailed directly from WellMagic to the customer.

Geothermal and other multiple bore hole jobs
WellMagic has a quantity calculator (not pictured) which is especially useful for contractors that do multiple bore holes in a single job.  Basic parameters are specified such as the diameter of the bore hole, diameter of the casing or loop pipe, etc.  Once all items are outlined, WellMagic calculates the TOTAL amount of each material required including grout, casings, screens, and the like.  Once these parts are added, parts that are required for each hole can be added as a group (pads, well caps, etc.) and finally materials and/or services that are needed for the job as a whole can be added (per diem, mobilization, etc).  The estimate can then be easily fine-tuned.

Preliminary Job Costing
WellMagic is capable of conducting preliminary job costing based on the labor rates for individuals speced for the job the cost of required operating equipment.  To do this, it is necessary only to spec parts, individuals and equipment.  This generates a report showing the total cost of labor, the margins on each part and the operating cost of the equipment based on the time and distance required to complete the job.  The analysis accommodates management time as well as direct on-the-job costs.

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