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We are pleased to offer direct credit card processing within WellMagic via Transax.  There is no need for expensive equipment rentals or leases and the processing costs are almost always lower than other processors.  

WellMagic allows for card scanning, manual entry of credit card information, and smart phone card captures.  When processing a transaction (either the total due or any amount), the transaction seamlessly is transmitted over the internet and posted to WellMagic in a matter of a few seconds.  Funds are settled within hours.

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WellMagic now offers the ability to instantly create invoices when a job is completed.  It also can accept payments before work is begun.  Push-button functions create customer statements either individually or for all accounts of a user-specified age.  WellMagic now supports sales tax collection for either states and/or counties.  

WellMagic is can now stand as the subsidiary ledger for your accounting system, replacing much of detail work of creating invoices, tracking inventory, etc.  All invoices and cash receipts can be managed inside WellMagic and only the summary for a period is entered into the accounting system.  This eliminates the need for duplicate customer records, overlapping tasking, and of course saves a great deal of time. 

Invoices are created in one of two ways.  If the job was estimated and work order(s) were created, hit the create invoice button and the invoice is instantly ready to print if  the estimate was exactly as the job was completed.  Many time it will have to be adjusted for any number of reasons. This is very simple. 

The other way is from scratch and it too is quick and easy.  None of the work has been done before so it just takes a little longer.

Finance Charges
WellMagic quickly assesses finance charges to overdue accounts at the rate you specify.

Sales Tax
Charging sales tax is a matter of specifying the material or labor as taxable in the setup.  Once the materials have all been added to the invoice, hit the sales tax button and it will be calculated and added to the invoice for the appropriate county or state.  A report is included that tells how much tax you owe to which jurisdictions for a specified period.

Larger companies will want to itemize their invoices by parts and labor.  This permits WellMagic to give you a summary of parts consumed in all jobs for a period you specify.  Rather than adding each and every job to Quickbooks or Peachtree, just add the total.

Other Accounting Functions
WellMagic has built-in reports for aging accounts, total revenues, total billings, Inventory use, and sales tax collections.

Integration with Accounting Software
WellMagic is designed to be a subsidiary ledger to your control ledger which would be your Peachtree, Quickbooks, or any other accounting software.  This strategy allows you to keep your billing information with the well and customer information rather than forcing you to try to keep track of your well records through your accounting system.  It also eliminates the need to have two sets of customer records!

Using any period of time, WellMagic will generate a report of invoices and receipts.  These figures are added to sales and receipts in the accounting software.  Details of the invoices and payments are maintained in WellMagic while the accounting package maintains your accounts receivable balance for the balance sheet.

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