Tracking Maintenance in WellMagic

WellMagic is designed to track maintenance on wells, pumps, water conditioners, salt deliveries, or any other information you wish to manage.  This is especially useful for companies that have service plans, those that winterize seasonal homes, and those that have any other type of scheduled work.

It works in two ways:  First, it will track anything you do at any site.  It will keep track of the date the work was done; who did it; and any notes specific to the job.  Second and even more powerful, it will schedule maintenance at any interval.

This is the Maintenance Tab of the Main Screen.  Looking closely, you will see that the well was rechlorinated in 2003 and that salt was delivered and the filter serviced in December 2004.  The cycle for Salt Delivery is every three months and the cycle for Filter Service is every six months (this is specified by the user).  

These jobs will be scheduled through a special window that looks like this:

When the Create WO (Work Order) button is clicked, these special jobs go instantly in with all the other work orders and are invoiced in the same way.  The only difference is that you will be prompted to set up the next service.  If you say "yes", the next service will be set up for the number of months in the future from the date the job was completed.  If you say "no", the job will be marked as completed and no future service will be set up.  You also have the option to cancel a scheduled service before it goes in with the "real" work to be done.