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WellMagic Business Analyzer
See Your Business Clearly with the WellMagic Business Analyzer

Let the WellMagic Business Analyzer analyze the costs of your business and show you how they work together. You can easily set up your business for growth or decreases in sales. The Analyst quickly shows margins on labor, equipment and materials and calculates the true cost of drilling on a per-foot basis. Make any change in assumptions, costs, or any other element are the impact is immediately available.

What does it take?

First, set up your items and assumptions. Be as general or specific as you'd like, but remember the more details you include, the more accurate your results will be. Include:

bulletCompany-wide Expenses (Your budget for general operating expenses such as advertising, insurance, leases, telephone, etc..
bulletMaterial Selling and Buying Prices (Use actual prices for individual components or create groups with estimated totals)
bulletEquipment (Enter the cost and life expectancy along with operating expenses. The Analyst will then calculate the cost per mile and/or hour to operate. Enter a single figure or use the worksheet to let the Analyzer do the work for you. In the latter case, when prices change for commodities, the Analyzer will calculate the new cost of operating the machine for you!)
bulletLabor (Set up each employee include pay rates, benefits, and payroll taxes.)
bulletWork Types (Unlimited options. List different combinations of depths, diameters, pump sizes, tank configurations, etc. Add the labor, materials, and machinery required to complete the work. The Analyzer will tell you how much you can expect to make on each type of job. There is no limit to the number of job types.)

Once any element is set up, the ways in which it can be manipulated, including quantities, prices, costs, time, etc., are unlimited.

The Results

bulletA report is generated with the click of the mouse. This report shows:
bulletThe return on labor and equipment, the profit margin on materials and the true cost of equipment.
bulletCompany-wide expenses, spread over all activities in proportion of their contribution to sales. It is easy to see what activities are most profitable and why or where expenses can (or cannot) be cut.
bulletIn addition to the profitability analysis, all equipment is summarized to show where it is being utilized and the extent to which it is over/under capacity. See In a glance where machinery is used, if more is required or if something may be disposed of.
bulletThe Business Analyzer also calculates the cost of drilling on a per foot basis and tells you how much you need to break even.

Click here to see a sample analysis.




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